Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Free Really Isn't

Something that I find interesting is the fact that some farmers still believe that soil sampling, tissue sampling, and crop monitoring is a “free service” provided by their supplier. The farmer may receive an invoice for the samples but the time involved is considered a cost of doing business by the supplier. This is really not the case because the cost of the employee sampling, his insurance, fuel, and postage will be covered by the gross margin the dealer makes on the products he sells to the grower. This is all well and good if the person doing the sampling as well as the person making the recommendations, is qualified. It is widely known that the errors in soil sample results are not made in the lab but are made at the time of sampling. The recommendations that the farmer receives are only as good as the sample that was taken. That goes for both soil and tissue samples.

Ag Tech Services, LLC, will do your sampling at a fee that ensures you will get the best of our 36 years of experience. Yes we will charge for both sampling and recommendations but the data belongs to the grower and he can take it wherever he wants to for supplies.

This makes more sense than to expect these services for free. Everything has a cost and sometimes the least expensive may cost the most.

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