Thursday, November 15, 2012

Great Time in Arizona

This time of the year in Western Washington can be very wet and dreary looking. Clouds that you see in the morning follow you all day long, tuck you in at bedtime, and greet you again in the morning. Day after day! So going to Arizona for the 2012 International Meeting presented by BioHumaNetics, Inc., had a two-fold benefit—Brian and I learned a lot and we got warm at the same time.

The difference between BHN’s liquid fertilizers and others in the industry is their Micro Carbon Technology (MCT) which is the base of all of their products. Plants produce their own carbon but often the amount they produce is inhibited by herbicides or naturally occurring stress. The MCT of the BHN products acts as a booster when the plants are under stress. We look at a crop a few days after a BHN application and can see the MCT effect. Plants are greener and healthier looking. The greater the stress, the larger the positive response. Good Stuff.

All in all, we learned a lot, got warmed up, and returned to our families safe and sound. And today is rainy.

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