Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carbon, carbon, carbon

Brian and I spent November 9th through the 12th in sunny Phoenix, Arizona attending the international meeting of Bio Huma Netics, Inc. You may recognize the name more easily by the Huma Gro® label of their ag products. We have been using Huma Gro products for the past eight years with a great deal of success. Their formulation is very unique; no one else has anything else exactly like it, which is why it is so good.

Huma Gro products all start from a mix of Leonardite extracts that contains organic acids, ultra-fine carbons, and soluble minerals. The important part of this combination is that it is similar to the combination found in healthy, stress-free plants. If a plant is not healthy or is under stress, the Huma Gro products do a great job of supplying the carbon and organic acids required. This explains why our crop production programs containing Huma Gro products will have plants that have less stress and produce more. One of the challenges we face is that we include these products in the program but they may not be used as directed. We include them because they work.

Healthy plants produce carbon for their own use. Plants that are not healthy need carbon to become healthy. When you think about it, using Huma Gro products with their Micro Carbon Technology™ only makes sense.

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